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   Round table discussions entitled “Global research infrastructure partnerships: related support instruments and future opportunities” will be held in the frame of the International conference "Synchrotron and Free electron laser Radiation: generation and application" (SFR-2016).
   The event is organised by the National contact point for Research Infrastructures of Horizon 2020 in Russia.


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The International Conference "Synchrotron and Free electron laser Radiation: generation and application" will take place at Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia from Monday July 4  to Friday July 8, 2016. The Conference continues the series of Russian and International conferences on the application of synchrotron radiation held in Novosibirsk since 1975. As before, the primary goal is to deliver the achievements in the field of generation and application of SR and FEL radiation.

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Thu 04-02-2016 13:00 GMT

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