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The goal of the call is to create a long-term research and development collaboration in the field of innovation between EU Member States / Countries Associated to H2020 and Russia.

The countries participating in the ERA. Net RUS Plus Call for 'Innovation Projects' are Austria, Germany, Greece, Romania, Russia, and Turkey.
Researchers from Russia and Europe are invited to submit their ideas for the joint innovation projects.
EU-Russia collaborative innovation projects can be funded in research areas thematically assigned to innovative technologies of high utilization and with a high market potential and of particular importance for the EU as well as for Russia.

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The largest and most powerful X-ray laser in world was opened in Hamburg on the 1-st of September.
The machine can generate ultrashort X-ray flashes 27,000 times per second, with a brilliance that is a billion times higher than the best conventional X-ray radiation sources.
With the help of specialized instruments, these X-rays enable completely new insights into the atomic details and extremely fast processes of the nanoworld.
Other applications lie in materials science with the development of new materials and substances, in the optimization of storage media for computers and the investigation of extreme matter conditions, such as those found within exoplanets.



The main aim of CREMLIN Innovation Workshop, under WP8, Task 8.4 of the CREMLIN Project, is to focus on the importance of innovation and to highlight the positive impact of innovation activities in the EU-Russian cooperation at the level of Megascience facilities. The Workshop will be based on the exchange of best practice, with the main orientation to stimulate mutual learning and to identify recommendations for improving the innovation infrastructure.

To ensure the best possible results, to share their practices, the workshop shall get together experts from existing European, Russian and international platforms and initiatives with representatives from the Russian and European Megascience facilities participating in the CREMLIN project to help them strengthen the impact of their research by learning from each other how to approach various challenges of managing innovation within the domain of their respective organizations. The workshop will be focused on the innovation potential and industry collaboration possibilities for the Megascience projects, including industrial users, technology transfer and links to the regional innovation system around the Megascience facilities.
Date: 10 October 2017
Venue: Glass Hall, Building 101, Anker Engelundsvej 1, 2800 Lyngby, Denmark

More information about the workshop:

More information about the CREMLIN Project under the link:

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The Russian-German “FAIR-Russia Research Centre” (FRRC) was established in the Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics (ITEP, Moscow) in 2008.
Inauguration of FRRC has been the important stage of Russian-German cooperation development in the field of nuclear science and technique.
The aim of this project is to support mutually beneficial cooperation between the scientific groups which work on various aspects and directions of FAIR project (FAIR - Facility for Anti-proton and Ion Research), such as the accelerating physics and technologies, astrophysics, physics of plasma, the nuclear and hadron physics, the applied physics, physics fast processes occuring in materials under influence of powerful laser impulses, information technologies, etc.
This cooperation facilitates the further active integration of Russia into world and European scientific and technological space.

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The G200 Youth Forum will be one of the largest international events organized for the youth from around 200 countries in 2017, and over 300 young leaders, students and academics, representatives of the business world and parliaments will participate in it.

The G200 Youth Forum 2017 will have five main platforms which will run in tandem with each other:

G200 Youth Summit – resulting in the Communiqué;
Conference – with publication of academic articles in the Conference Proceedings;
International Young Parliamentarians’ Debate – with Joint Statement;
G200 Young Professionals Platform - resulting in the Perspectives;
G200 Entrepreneurs Platform – best practices exchanges;
Joint Sessions of the G200 Youth Summit, Conference and International Young Parliamentarians’ Debate participants – with Joint Sessions reports.

Venue: Dubai, the United Arab Emirates
 Date:  06-10 December 2017

This is the 12th year of the Forum. In 2006 and 2013 the event was held in Saint-Petersburg.

More information:


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