Picture Symposium website4Europe-Russian Federation Symposium on Research Infrastructures
17 December 2021
Zoom (online)
The event is organized in the framework of the project CREMLINplus, (WP8 TNA, by ICISTE and DESY)  in collaboration with the RI-VIS project. 
The aim of the symposium is to bring together delegates from Russian and European Research Infrastructures (RIs), which are active in different scientific domains, to build mutual awareness of the broad array of scientific opportunities for scientists and for RI cooperation between Russian Federation and Europe. It will offer a platform for mutual knowledge and dissemination.
Organising Team
CREMLINplus: Greta Facile; Anastasia Zadorina; Mayya Bzhaniya; Elena Shtanskaya;
RI-VIS: Natalie Haley; Bahne Stechmann; Viridiana Beltran Venegas
Starts 17 Dec 2021, 09:00; Ends 17 Dec 2021, 16:00, Europe/Berlin
Zoom (online)


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 WP8 & WP9 online meeting, December 21, 2020
A final WP8 & WP9 online meeting for the first year of the CREMLINplus project with the participation of the representatives of the 19 research infrastructures located in the Russian organizations of the LIST 11 was held on December 21, 2020.
The goal of this event was to wrap-up the work was done in 2020 within  the Work packages 8&9 and to give an overview of the project’s upcoming activities and plans for 2021. 
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CREMLINplus kick-off Workshop
The CREMLINplus kick-off workshop was conducted on the 19-20 February 2020 at DESY in Hamburg.
The aim of the kick-off workshop was to present and explain the overall work plan and structure of the project as well as to clarify roles and align expectations. 
The EU-Russian megascience scientific-technical collaboration plans including status reports on 5 Russian megascience projects as well as the EU-Russian non- technical collaboration plans around LIST-11 facilities and megascience projects were presented. 
The non-technical collaboration in the project comprises a variety of coordination and support activities, carried out within WP8 “Access to Russian RI”, WP9 “Staff exchange and training for RI management”, WP10 “Joint long-term sustainability of RI”.

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5 Kick-off web conferences with the participation of  CREMLINplus

WP8 partners and organizations of the LIST 11

 During April-June 2020 Work package 8 (WP8) successfully held 5 Kick-off web conferences with the participations of all  WP8 project partners and LIST 11. 

The presentations of the research infrastructures hosted by the organisations of the LIST 11 are presented here. 
The sourse of the information is the website of the Analitical Center ICISTE, the leader of  WP8:


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