picture question  What is CSRF?

 A core shared research facility (CSRF) is a structural unit (set of structural units) established by a scientific and (or) educational organization, that has scientific and (or) technological equipment, qualified personnel, and carries out works and provides services for the benefit of third parties for conducting fundamental and applied research (Federal law No. 270-FZ of 13.07.2015).
picture question What is LSRF?
A large-scale research facility (LSRF) is a complex of research equipment which has no analogues in the Russian Federation, operating as a single unit and created by a scientific and (or) educational organization to obtain scientific results achieving of which is impossible with any other equipment (Federal law No. 270-FZ of 13.07.2015).
picture question What is a Mega Science facility?
A megascience facility is a physical (a complex of scientific equipment) or digital (an information system) facility, including geographically distributed, that has no analogues in the world, operates as a single unit and is focused on obtaining scientific results, achievement of which is impossible with the use of any other facilities of the world. Funding the establishment and operation of such a facility goes beyond the capacity of individual states and is based on international S&T cooperation. Megascience facilities allow achieving major breakthroughs in fundamental and applied research.
picture question What is a "base organization"?
A base organization is an organization within the structure of which a CSRF is created or a LSRF operates.
picture question Who are third parties (external users)?
Third parties (external users) are understood to be individual entrepreneurs, individuals, as well as the legal entities, which are not CSRF/LSRF base organizations or branches (divisions) of base organizations, that use CSRF/LSRF services.
picture question The landscape of the research infrastructures of the Russian Federation ?

 The main elements of the landscape of the Russian research infrastructures are:

- Core Shared Research Facilities (626 CSRF),

- large-scale research facilities (365 LSRFS),

Mega science facilities (7). 

   The detailed information on all facilities is presented on "The SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY INFRASTRUCTURE OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION" portal, which contains up-to-date and systematized information about core shared research facilities, large-scale research facilities, megascience facilities, located in Russia, including those funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation in 2007–2018 under the Federal Targeted Program for Research and Development in Priority Areas of Development of the Russian Scientific and Technological Complex. 

Basic organizations for the core shared research facilities and large-scale research facilities are the Russian National research and Federal Universities, National Scientific Centers, National Academies of Science and other organizations.

The portal was designed in 2011 and is currently being supported by the Russian Research Institute of Economics, Politics and Law in S&T (RIEPL).

 The website: https://en.ckp-rf.ru/ 


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