The 4th International Workshop on «Perspectives of Experimental Research at the Nuclotron Beams» was held on 6 October 2016 in the Joint Institute of Nuclear Physics (Dubna, Moscow Region).
     It was noted that the Nuclotron had been working for 23 years, it was developed in difficult times, but in the latest decade it was significantly upgraded. Now it has become the basis for the NICA project.
    NICA is the first Russian project included in the roadmap of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures ESFRI significantly supported and financed by the Government of Russia.

    It is necessary to match European standards of “user policy” which means not only to provide experiments in full conformity with the applications, but also to comply with certain rules of time management, priorities and working conditions at facilities. Such meetings provide feedback between consumers of beams and their “suppliers”, allow one, as a result of comprehensive discussion, to understand what goes well and what needs correction.
     After reports, on the milestones of the general discussion, representatives of the JINR Member States and consumers of the Nuclotron beams approved the resulting document of the Workshop, determining the development of the user policy and development of the accelerator complex in the nearest future.
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